Immerse in virtual worlds

Sure, you could watch a film about a place or Skype your way across Europe with the help of a friend. But other than actually being there, nothing could be better than shutting out the real world and fully experiencing a place with VR.

With VR you not only explore the world but step into future as well. Our products let you build replicas of the future today for you to experience it now 

  • Immersive Experiences
  • Virtual Reality Training

Immersive Experiences

Virtual Reality

Welcome to the experiential world, a powerful way to visualize the future and get to see your tomorrow today 

Our team creates VR work to near millimeter accuracy so you can see the future today – virtually! 

Virtual Reality Training

VR Training changes the dynamics of any form of training, whether it is onboarding new employees, continuing organizational training, education, presentations or any other training that you can imagine

An extremely powerful medium to communicate and explain concepts and ideas that otherwise would have lost its effect in the 2D and spoken world. Using simulation to introduce new team members to their work environment in a comfortable way, effectively engage with teams and impart messages that create the required impact! 

Not only that – with VR, you can provide simultaneous training in multiple regions


Not sure how to use VR for your business?

We have successful stories of VR implementation for any business.
Talk to us and our creative experts will help build something that will completely transform how you operate within your industry

VR Lounge


VR Lounge setup

Setting up Virtual Reality can be difficult … but not when you are with PixelGrand 

We provide end-to-end solutions setting up the VR experience room


Get comfortable with a headset that’s easy to put on, remove, and wear – even for extended periods. It evenly distributes the weight, has a large face gasket surface, and is adjustable for head sizes, glasses, and interpupillary distance.