Immense Possibilities with
Interactive Visualisation

Interactive Visualisation

A never before amalgam of advanced marvels like 3D Modelling,Touchscreen Technology, Virtual Reality and compelling storytelling to the world of Real Estate and Construction, PixelGrand sure looks promising to say the least.
With Interactive Visualisation, you will not only see what the project will look like, but you will actually experience the ‘feel’ of living in it.

Until now, there was absolutely no way to truly visualise your future home from 2D brochures and advertisements, and non-interactive 3D walkthroughs

With the rigor of over 2 years of research and development and collaborating with the best global engineering and designing talent, PixelGrand has built India’s first Interactive Visualization tool that truly democratizes the buying experience!

Photorealistic 3D environment developments.

Real-time customization of customer choice. The best way to make customer feel the boss.

True way to showcase your projects or products aesthetics and functions.

Like never before, now you can render and share any number of images.

Experience Tomorrow’s Innovation


Open your eyes to REiA, an application designed and developed for a completely immersive experience when buying your dream home!


The Future of Data Visualisation

Now bring your construction projects live, as it is being built. Follow the progress real time, address issues before they come up, understand data with rich 3D visuals and a lot more with CONVIS

Tomorrow’s Education

Interactive learning

An hitherto unimagined in educating Gen Next – experiential learning!