a unique blend of Science & Art : SCART

Breathe Life

PixelGrand is here to set trends and benchmarks on how you communicate, position, brand and build relations with your stake holders.

We bring LIFE to your Ideas & Concepts by blending Science, Creativity and Art
to effectively  communicate through Interactive Visualisation & Virtual Experiences

With Pixel Grand you get a unique blend in everything it creates to breathe a new life
into your Ideas & Concepts and setting trends and benchmarks on:

  • How you communicate with your stakeholders
  • How you build your brand
  • How you build relations with your clients
  • And How you build Business Intelligence

With PixelGrand, the Future is Now...


Interactive Visualisation

With Pixel Grand’s Interactive Visualisation, communicating with people is transformed into a heightened experience delivering your thoughts and ideas far more effectively and creating a paradigm shift in the story that is told


Virtual Reality

Imagine if you could visualise what the end looks like as you are planning and designing your ideas and concepts …

Imagine that your clients could see what they are buying before they commit themselves …

Imagine that you could decide and design the “how” tuned effectively into the “what” is created …

The power this gives to each one … to effectively allocate scarce resources and yet get the best …

Pixel Grand helps you create an effective tomorrow with our Virtual Reality

Interactive Presentations
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