Breathe life

Blending multidisciplinary philosophies, abstract forms of creativity, science, the art of communiqué and grace in messaging –
Pixelgrand is
here to set trends and benchmarks on how you sell, position, brand and build relations with your clients.

If you are planning world class projects for tomorrow’s India, wepledge to breathe life into them.

With PixelGrand, the future starts now… 

Interactive Visualization

Unlike old times, you will now engage visitors through Interactive Visualisation [IV], navigating to any corner of the master plan, at will or scripted (pre-planned, on-the-fly, tailor-made). IV is a visual communication tool and it is a paradigm shift in story-telling.

Expreience 3rd Dimension

Experience the 3rd dimension.

Photo Realism

100% Computer Graphics.


Imagine if your clients could view the end product before having to invest in it – it’s like having a glimpse of ones’ future in ones’ today – the power is in your hands to endow your clients with a visual imagery of what and how their tomorrow will be.


REiA is a PixelGrand creation and is the first of its kind in India and amongst the first in the world.

REiA will revolutionize how Real Estate Projects are positioned, spoken about and sold in Indian and global markets.


Have an idea!!

We create the maximum visual impact and create the perfect dialogue through our branding approach.